About NourishDoc
Our mission is to make the world healthier with holistic therapies backed by science.

We advance the dignity and quality of life of all through leadership, advocacy, and science-based integrative medicine from experts all over the world. We bring free educational videos and live sessions to improve community health with integrative therapies.


Our Vision
Our vision is to see a world with no chronic conditions, no suffering, and no discrimination in health for any reason. NourishDoc will serve the community around the world by bringing the most trusted experts and evidence-based holistic medicine information.

Experience lasting change
Through science-backed integrative therapies, experts help you create life-changing habits to support your mental health and find a healthier, happier you.


Why we do it
Studies suggest that effective integrative managed care programs could cut the costs of chronic conditions and stress-related ailments by up to 40%.

Pricing & Membership
Many of our videos are free. Our workshops come with a low monthly membership. Cancel any time.

Explore the free videos for self care with natural, holistic medicine therapies.